For Makers & Technology Fans Only

This is a prototype, NOT a consumer-ready product.  It comes with no warranties or guarantees of any kind.  And it is not produced with high-quality mass manufacturing practices.

Many makers and technology fans don’t want to wait months or years for a consumer-ready robot pet.  These makers and tech fans don’t mind the rough edges of a prototype.  In fact, they love the fact that our prototypes are handmade and 3D-printed from scratch.  And they relish the opportunity to connect directly with us to offer their feedback and ideas to help us keep improving botsee until it is ready for a consumer mass market.

For these makers and tech fans, we offer this botsee prototype for adoption.

Your Chance to Shape the Future of Robotic Pets

Our botsee prototype comes with one big advantage that consumer products don’t have:  the opportunity to shape the future.

Everyone who adopts a botsee prototype has a direct line of communication to the people designing botsee.  We share our direct emails with you and welcome you to ping us any time.

We value your feedback and ideas more than anything—yes, more than money.  We charge just enough money to cover our costs, no more.  And we limit the number of prototypes we sell to make sure we have enough time to listen to feedback from each and every person who adopts a prototype.  Our goal is not profit.  It’s to connect with smart people who share our love of robots and want to help us make the greatest robot pet possible.

Your Next Step

If you’re a maker or tech fan who wants to help us shape the future of robotic pets, we hope you’ll adopt.

If you’re a consumer who wants a robust, well-tested consumer product guaranteed to work for years to come, please do NOT adopt one of our prototypes.  Instead, please join our mailing list so we can let you know one day when we are truly ready to release a consumer-ready robot pet.